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What is a DASH WALLET?

Dash is the peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions, private transactions and operates a self-govern and self-funding model. Dash was originally released as the Xcoin in the year 2014 on 18th January. After 10 days on 28th January, the name was changed to “Darkcoin”. Over the first two weeks of its launch, approximately 1.9 million coins have been mined and that is roughly 10 percent of their entire supply which will be issued . The Core Team of the Dash is responsible for growing the money, because it’s risen to 30 full-time workers, 20 part-time workers, and heaps of those volunteers are outstanding. In accordance with the reports of the Coin Market Cap, at June 2017 the daily trade volume of this Dash was reported $100 million daily because of the industry Capitalization of this Dash surpassed to $4.8 billion. Dash is a really good investment due to the way it costs are climbing, its practical use, powerful base and their management staff that’s doing outstanding work.
So in order to store all Dash or the currency, there are different types of wallets available that completely give the justice to the factors like

  • Backup and Security features – basically seed the backup and pin the codes
  •  Developer Community- Active Development community for the maintenance
  •  Easy to use – User interference is fast and easy to use
  •  Compatibility- Compatible with different types of operating system

With a large variety of the wallets available in the market here is the list of the completely verified Wallets that are best in the market and fulfill all required factors.

Jaxx ( Desktop and Mobile wallet)
Jaxx is among the favorite multi-cryptocurrency blockchain interface pockets which were designed from the Canadian- based firm named Decentral. Jaxx is a HD wallet which completely supports another 14 cryptocurrencies additionally and enables its users to reestablish their funds together with the 12-word backup seed essential. It’s an extremely simple hindrance to utilize. It’s available on the a Variety of operating system.  In the coming months, they are deciding to launch a hardware wallet also.
Download Jaxx


Coinomi is a very popular multi-coin wallet that has a mobile version only. It is one of the largest serving multi-coin wallets that supports more than the 70 crypto-coins and almost more than the 200 tokens. Like all the cryptocurrency wallets they also allow you to control your private keys with the seed keys. It is only available for Android only. Download Coinomi
Download Coinomi

Dash Wallet

It’s the very first open-source Android mobile program for Dash and can also be among the very secure Wallet. It was designed from the Hash Engineering Solutions together with the objective of delivering, storing and getting the DASH quite securely. It enables users, to command their DASH personal Keys and perform offline Transactions using the Bluetooth. It is also available on Android only.
Download Dash Wallet


Exodus is only a Desktop HD wallet developed by JP Richardson and Daniel Gatangoli in the year 2015. it is the world’s very first multi-cryptocurrency desktop wallet and is completely free to use. The User Interference of Exodus wallet is attractive. There is no need for registration or identity verification is required to start using Exodus. It supports 11 different cryptocurrencies.
Download Exodus

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is among the most cheapest DASH hardware pockets out there on the marketplace. Inside this Dash, tokens are stored offline. A private key which is stored in the device is used to sign the ledger transaction. An amazing thing about Ledger Nano S is that it has a small OLED screen grants you the control over your transactions
Now coming to the security: The security is so robust that Nano S device can be used even on a hacked computer. In case you have DASH in prosperity, This is the most safe means to store all of them. Characteristics like InstantSend/PrivateSend DASH trades are controlled (but support is coming shortly ).
So these are amongst the Best DASH wallets available in the market that will secure all your cryptocurrency stored.
Downloadable links

  1. JAXX
  3. DASH WALLET(Mobile Wallet)

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