Slashcrypto an active community of Cryptocurrency ,bitcoin,altcoin users from around the world. Find exclusive Bitcoin resources,With the excess of interest recently- due to jaw-dropping gains were seen in the various cryptocurrencies, they have become very difficult to ignore. One problem we noticed, is that nearly all of the coin news and content across the web is produced by those who are trying to push their coin or their services. Literally, every news source is either directly involved, or indirectly (an exchange)
It’s next to impossible to find unbiased content on which coins might merit attention.   On top of that, if you’re not a techie- even figuring out how and where to buy Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies is enough to make one feel like a monkey humping a football.  SlashCrypto is here to change that.  We are cryptocurrency simplied. In layman’s terms… for the rest of us.
We at SlashCrypto are a team of like-minded people whose sole and aim and purpose is to bring all the latest news/trends/ups and downs of the ever-increasing Crypto World
We all are professional bloggers who will be researching and  blogging on all the topics related to Cryptocurrency
We are all committed to making SlashCrypto the one-stop destination for all Crypto world news and updates
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