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American banks crack down on credit card usage to buy Cryptocurrencies

In yet another crackdown on the use of cryptocurrencies, America’s largest banks like JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc are quickly banning customers from using credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, by declining such transactions. JPMorgan has even cited the risk of non-repayment by borrowers as the reason behind declining transactions. Last year, the Initial Coin…

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Altcoins which are most likely to give high returns in 2018

Top Altcoins that you can invest in 2018.

The year 2018 is upon us. And with it comes a torrential stream of up and rising Altcoins some of which have almost come at par with Bitcoin. But with the innumerous choices that they offer, it often becomes hard for one to choose to invest in a digital coin and expect a good ROI. To that effect, here is a list of the Top Altcoins that you can invest in 2018 that are growing popular by the minute.

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