Best Ethereum wallets: to buy ETH

Open source blockchain based operating and a distributed computing platform that features the smart contract functionality Ethereum along with the Bitcoin is considered as one of the pioneer platforms in blockchain technology and distributed ledger. Ethereum platform generated blockchain of the cryptocurrency named Ether. Ether can be easily transferred between accounts and used to compensate the participants mining nodes for…

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Best Dash Wallets: to buy dash

What is a DASH WALLET?

Dash is the peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions, private transactions and operates a self-govern and self-funding model. Dash was originally released as the Xcoin in the year 2014 on 18th January. After 10 days on 28th January, the name was changed to “Darkcoin”.

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Why Cryptocurrency Is not dead

Crypto currency is not dead:The issue with Cryptocurrency is that you can’t govern something which is not real or does not exist. Cryptocurrencies are going through a crisis of governance, for example, the bitcoin is facing a problem about block size and other scaling strategies, the Ethereum had to make a huge effort in order to save DAO hub in the middle of its crisis and was finding no way to update its contract.

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Best Wallets for Ripple

Best wallets for rippleWallets are a great way for storing currency and this had been in use for ages. Wallets are a great way for storing currency and this had been in use for ages. The wallets ensure that our currency stays in one place. This helps us in ease of use like if we want to pay someone, we…

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Tron- A shooting star from nowhere

TTron cryptocurrency overview:The Tronix token which was priced at only fractions of cents in November month last year was deemed worthless back then. However in December its value rose up to 25 cents which gradually decreased to 6- 7cents in mid January. Tron currently stands out among the 20 digital assets with a market cap of $6billion. The idea of TRON is that it wants to offer an alternative way to share, store and own entertainment content online

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